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New Years Eve look that will make you’re night sparkle now featured on!

I teamed up with Cosmopolitan Latina to share my New Years Eve look that will make you’re night sparkle!

“If there’s one night of the year to go all out, it’s New Year’s! Makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor shows you how to get glam and gorgeous for your party with these simple steps.” Watch Here:



My tips on how to take your makeup from day to night on now features my tips on achieving that perfect Day to Night look step by step!

Makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor has a few simple steps to take your daytime makeup into a nighttime look in minutes. His suggestion: Go for Jessica Alba’s classic night-out look. Pump up your smoky eye, add bronzer, deepen your lip color, and you’re good to go!

Steps on How to Take Your Makeup From Day to Night



My interview with on Eyeshadow Tips for Asian Eyes

Here are some of my eye-defining tips for Asian eyes as I take you through a shadow, liner, and mascara tutorial. Also shares some of my all-time favorite products for the eyes. Click below to read the full story.

“Avoid the color-by-numbers effect,” says Sotomayor.”Eye makeup looks best when it’s geared towards your unique eye shape rather than where colors are ‘supposed’ to go. If your eye doesn’t have a strong crease, you don’t need to create one. Instead, take advantage of your lid space and apply a smoky ombre of shadows.”