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Ying Chu & I serve up tips to save you from top makeup mistakes featured on the “Katie” Show

Recently, I had the opportunity to appear on “Katie” The Katie Couric Show with Ying Chu, Beauty Editor of Glamour Magazine. Watch the clip from our TV appearanceĀ  as we share tips on how to conceal pimples, choosing the right foundation, bronzers and more!

Get this look: Ying is wearing Kiehls BB Cream in Medium for smooth, lightweight coverage & I am wearing Kiehls MicroBlur to prevent skin from shining too much on camera. My wardrobe was from Zara (Contrasting Structured Blazer, Coated Skinny Trousers in Petrol Blue, Fabric Blucher shoes in grey)Untitled

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5 Helpful Make-up Tricks if you Wear Glasses

"Make-up artist and host of iVillage???s DIY Beautify Andrew Sotomayor says that lenses obstruct other people???s ability to see your eyes, so wearing an extra coat of mascara or false lashes will bring things back into focus."


My interview with on Eyeshadow Tips for Asian Eyes

Here are some of my eye-defining tips for Asian eyes as I take you through a shadow, liner, and mascara tutorial. Also shares some of my all-time favorite products for the eyes. Click below to read the full story.

“Avoid the color-by-numbers effect,” says Sotomayor.”Eye makeup looks best when it’s geared towards your unique eye shape rather than where colors are ‘supposed’ to go. If your eye doesn’t have a strong crease, you don’t need to create one. Instead, take advantage of your lid space and apply a smoky ombre of shadows.”


My interview with and Tips on Correcting Facial Asymmetry using Makeup

“Nothing that’s natural is perfectly identical, including each side of your face,” says celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor. For symmetry, “contouring is one of the best makeup skills you’ll ever learn. Contouring and highlighting can minimize asymmetries, enhance bone structure and actually make you look younger.”

Here are some of my tips to help define & contour face by using makeup tricks that I have learned over the past several years as a makeup artist.