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Watch my step by step video on on how to master contoured cheeks

I sat down with to share some of my tips in mastering
contoured cheeks using a few strategic brush strokes!

“Don’t have Camilla Belle’s naturally, gorgeous bone structure? No
problem! Learn how to fake it with a few strategic brush strokes. NYC
makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor shares his expert tips so you could
look as beautiful as the stars!…




My interview with and Tips on Correcting Facial Asymmetry using Makeup

“Nothing that’s natural is perfectly identical, including each side of your face,” says celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor. For symmetry, “contouring is one of the best makeup skills you’ll ever learn. Contouring and highlighting can minimize asymmetries, enhance bone structure and actually make you look younger.”

Here are some of my tips to help define & contour face by using makeup tricks that I have learned over the past several years as a makeup artist.


Flawless Foundation for Women of Color – My Tips on

“The most common mistake I see with women of color is having one flat shade over their entire face,” says Andrew. It’s important to have two or three shades that you can blend on your face to create a flawless, naturally dimensional complexion. To start, you should apply a concealer under your eyes.”The concealer should be two shades lighter than your skin,” says Andrew.