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My makeup tips and tricks for dark circles and lashes on

“Lashes often point straight out or down, which can make them appear shorter than they actually are, explains Andrew Sotomayor, celebrity makeup artist and host of the iVillage series DIY Beautify. “Curling lashes upwards makes them look longer, lifts the eyes, and makes you look more awake.” 


Here are my tips on how to pair eye makeup with glasses featured on

“There is also one feature you can’t forget when it comes to perfecting your makeup look while wearing glasses.

“Don’t forget your brows! Glasses frame your face, and brows frame your eyes. Fill in with a powder pencil for subtle definition,” says New York makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor.”…



My step by step article on proper eyelash care featured on

“You should always handle the area around your eyes gently, especially your eyelashes. If you notice your lashes are falling out an an alarming rate, you might be treating them too roughly. Keep reading for our tips on proper eyelash care, including expert advice from celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor! Don’t forget to check out our splurge or save article on eyelash curlersto help you choose the best one for yourself.