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I share my tips on how I use SK-II’s LXP skincare!

It’s COLD! Majorly important time to take care of your skin. My friends at SK-II have shared my tips on how I use SK-II’s LXP skincare to keep skin looking clear, and give skin a hydrated, dewy finish even during the cold winter months.

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Check out my quick tip on how to contour like a makeup pro featured on

Let’s face it– contouring is not an easy task! These days celebrities have been sharing their before and after contouring on Instagram,’s Ayren Jackson-Cannady wanted to know the secret behind the streaks. Check out the story below to find out my tip on how to achieve a beautifully sculpted look!

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The ultimate in luxe skincare. My pick, as told to Saks Fifth Avenue Saks POV.

On June 26th, I made a personal appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City for their Brushes with Greatness beauty event. During the event, I demonstrated makeup and skincare from Cle De Peau Beaute, and was interviewed by Alexander Patino (@PatinoBlog) about a major must-have item.

Visit the official Saks blog, Saks POV, to get the skinny on summer skincare from me, and a mascara pick from my pal, celebrity makeup Ricky Wilson, from Dior.

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How clean are your cosmetics? Get my tips to keep bacteria at bay, at “Lipstick” the new beauty blog by Glamour.

Beauty 101: KEEP YOU MAKEUP CLEAN. I shared my tips with Glamour’s makeup blog, on how to keep makeup sanitized and brushes clean. Creamy products like foundation and mascara need to be replaced regularly, and brushes should be cleaned properly.

One product I always use in my kit (and suggest everyone uses at home) is Beauty So Clean cosmetic sanitizing spray:

“It’s something every makeup artist should be using between every use, and on your products at home, a quick spritz daily, once a week, or whenever you clean your brushes should do. Remember that brushes can harbor bacteria, so clean them often with gentle soap like Dr Bronner’s”

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In case you missed it, check out my article on where I dish on the Most Important Makeup Question No One Is Asking!

For the past 12 years, I have answered almost every beauty question you can think of, but there’s one that no one is asking. I teamed up with to share the question that everyone should consider.

Here is a snippet:

“The beauty world is full of rules. My press book has over 100 pages of interviews from magazines, websites, and blogs. I’ve tried to share useful tips and tricks, but for the past 12 years that I’ve worked as a makeup artist, I’ve tried to avoid giving women rules on how they should wear makeup. I try to offer techniques, tricks, and ideas, but rules are another thing altogether. I think it’s time that all of us come up with a new way of thinking about rules…”

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Ying Chu & I serve up tips to save you from top makeup mistakes featured on the “Katie” Show

Recently, I had the opportunity to appear on “Katie” The Katie Couric Show with Ying Chu, Beauty Editor of Glamour Magazine. Watch the clip from our TV appearance  as we share tips on how to conceal pimples, choosing the right foundation, bronzers and more!

Get this look: Ying is wearing Kiehls BB Cream in Medium for smooth, lightweight coverage & I am wearing Kiehls MicroBlur to prevent skin from shining too much on camera. My wardrobe was from Zara (Contrasting Structured Blazer, Coated Skinny Trousers in Petrol Blue, Fabric Blucher shoes in grey)Untitled

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Blush Magazine features a Q&A on how I became a makeup artist today and some of my favorite products of the season!

In this month’s Blush Magazine, I discuss my love for makeup, my current projects, past trends and my path to becoming a makeup artist in NYC. Check out this fabulous article where I get personal and give an inside look on some of my favorite products for the season and some of the highlights of my life – past & present!

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