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I am featured in’s National Volunteer Month!

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I’m proud to have volunteered to work with the High School of Fashion Industries for several years now. The Examiner has highlighted some of my experience.

“Andrew volunteers at The High School of Fashion Industries! He has been volunteering by giving lectures and hands-on workshops there for several years now with the Cosmetology Club. Andrew says “It’s one of the most competitive schools in New York City and I have had the best time working with the students. Sotomayer recently moderated a panel discussion with special guests from Macy’s, L’Oreal, Columbia University, IATSE Local 798 Makeup and Hair Stylists Union, as well as Emmy winning hairstylist Trudie Clarke and beauty writer Baze Mpinja. “I work with one of the most amazing teachers there” Sotomayor says of Lisa Barnett, “It’s been such an amazing experience and I wish more individuals and brands would get involved, so they too could see what great talent is there.”

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