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Alexander McQueen’s Documentary, Watch his Spring 2010 Show online, and a Celebrity Stylist Walks in Lady Gaga’s Shoes.

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Yesterday, a funeral service was held for Lee Alexander McQueen in London. His legendary designs will not be forgotten and there are lots of opportunities for you to see his work online. 


There’s a documentary about his life and his work called “Masters of Style: Alexander McQueen”, free to watch on Produced about a decade before his premature death, the opening lines were eerily foreboding. His early work is showcased beautifully and the interviews create a portrait of a creative genius who veered sharply from the typical male fashion designer archetype.


For a more personal reflection, I turned to celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly who’s worked with stars like Rhianna and Kerry Washington. She references McQueen’s Spring 2010 show “Plato’s Atlantis,” which can be seen in it’s entirety at


As a stylist and overall creative person, I have to say that McQueen was one of my favorite designers of all time. His shocking and untimely death the night before New York Fashion week kicked off and his NYC presentation was devastating. Going to shows is one of my favorite part of being a stylist and this year was much different. There seemed to be a gloom throughout the tents, as if everyone was still in shock and trying to recover. A little about him, He was one of the youngest designers to achieve the title “British Designer of the Year,” which he won four times between 1996 and 2003.




One of my favorite images of him was with Sarah Jessica Parker at the Costume Institute Gala in 2006 in matching plaid, this look on her was spectacular, different and not necessarily well received. I remember her making a mix of Best and Worst dress lists for this dress, however I loved it and remains one of my favorite gowns. That dress was daring and when I realized how much I loved Mcqueen and my love for him has only continued to grow with each collection he has created. 


The Spring 2010 Show in Paris   was absolutely my favorite show of all time. The “creatures” that came down the runway were literally out of this world. The “pod” shoes were sky high and never been seen before.  The prints on the clothes seemed like water or inspired by water and diamonds. As a stylist I have been  able to see these shoes up close and personal at their New York showroom, KCD. I am happy to say that after a walk off with another stylist, I did not fall nor trip. 


RIP Alexander Mcqueen 


Maeve Reilly is a celebrity stylist. See Maeve’s work at


Andrew Sotomayor is a celebrit
y makeup artist in New York. He has worked with Juliette Binoche, Kerry Washington, and Rose Byrne and appeared on Access Hollywood. He is a My Fashion Plate Trendsetter. See his work at





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