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Evan Lysachek wins gold in Men’s Figure Skating!

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Tonight in Vancouver, Evan Lysachek became the first American to win gold in Men’s Figure Skating since Brian Boitano (Who BTW has a delightful cooking show on The Food Network that cheekily alludes to the South Park film with its title, “What would Brian Boitano Cook?“).


What is there to say about Evan really? Just watch him. He’s graceful, powerful, with the strength, unmatched flexibility and artistic ability that we hope to see in the Olympics. He’s so inspiring to watch and it made me miss my ballet class from college. I think it’s time to go back. I’d take up figure skating, but I’ll probably never look this good in custom Vera Wang.



Tomorrow I’ll have more to share about Fashion Week, but in the meantime, I’m gonna make the most out my first chance to sleep in! Don’t call me unless your name is Evan and you need more sunless tanner. Twilight-esque porcelain skin may be in, but this ray of sunshine is pure gold.


Watch Evan Lysachek’s short program by clicking here!


Andrew Sotomayor is a celebrity makeup artist in New York. He has worked with Juliette Binoche, Kerry Washington, and Rose Byrne and appeared on Access Hollywood. He is a My Fashion Plate Trendsetter. See his work at

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